About Us

A Note from Founder and Editor, Katy Comber:

I started Affinity CoLab because I missed graduate school. I have a M.Ed in Multicultural Education and there are days (months/years) when I desperately want to go back just to participate in that sort of community again. Academia is forever singing her siren song in my direction, but the cost of school, raising two kids, and lack of time all act as the ties that bind me to my ship's mast so I continue forward without answering her call.
When I considered what I missed about academics, there are three major components that I found lacking in my everyday life that returning to school would resolve: accountability, a networking artistic community, inspiration. Without these three constants in my life, I felt rudderless and void of direction for my life. This is the power of education; without it, we crave it. The realization that I live in a DIY time of invention and ingenuity struck me a long time ago. But I was waiting for life to change, for a winning powerball ticket, for a grant to appear in my lap... anything but actual work to come along and solve my life.
For two years, after experiencing a life-altering failure with something I worked so hard to achieve, I felt depression weigh me down and tell me that it would be better to sit, rot, and die than actually work for something that might result in failure. I was afraid to move. I was afraid to dream. I was afraid to take risks. I was afraid to live. I don’t know what changed. What altered so I allowed myself to say, “Let’s go. Let’s dream again.” for the first time in two years. Maybe it was all the people praying over my life. Yes. I’m going to go with that. Cause it certainly wasn’t something I did, and I love the idea that someone(s) praying for me to find hope again and get my ass in gear, is (are) totally responsible for the mental shift that made Affinity CoLab a possibility in my mind.
So, I DIY’d my own creative program. I set up a weekly creative prompt system with deadlines to keep me accountable. Every week I MUST create something new. I invited my creative friends to be my community and they are AMAZING for just being there, sharing their work, and being members of the Affinity CoLab society. For inspiration, I read. A LOT. I’ve taken to hunting down graduate course syllabi and checking out the required reading lists. The Year of Creative Writing Prompts by Love in Ink has also been a tremendous help in finding inspiration. Also, my community, the people I’ve surrounded myself with by starting Affinity CoLab are brilliant and inspiring people. Don’t believe me? Check out the work they submit once in a while. Or, submit some work yourself. Be a part of this. We’d love to have you.


  1. Dear Katie: Good work in overcoming depression. I have been going through similar circumstances, being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. My nephew, Freddie Feldman, is already published on your site, and I wonder if I also might join your community of writers. Sincerely, rUngrich@gmail.com

    1. I don't know why I didn't see this before. I'm so sorry that I missed it! Yes! Please join us. Thank you for your kind and encouraging note!