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The following is a ongoing list of prompts Affinity CoLab has used throughout the year to inspire the works posted on Some of these prompts were created by our editors; we have also included a sampling of our favorite prompts from Love in Ink's book, A Year of Creative Writing Prompts (available for purchase!) OWPs are the One Word Prompts we use to inspire multiple mediums of art and writing! If you see a prompt that inspires you, please send us your polished responses to For even more information, like our Facebook page for updates and reminders. Happy Creating! 

Create a Creature

OWP: Crumpled
A Love Letter Sent to the Wrong Person
Dialogue only scene beginning with the phrase, "I want..."
A Strange Girl is riding a train at night. A man approaches her. What happens?
OWP: Full
OWP: Beast
Peculiar Phone Call
Write the worst and most dreadfully Cliched Poem EVER
Dialogue between two travelers
Imaginary Friend
OWP: Garden
A meet-cute gone awry
Two strangers meet on a dark road in the middle of the forest. One has a secret; the other is running from something.
First day of school from 2 perspectives
attempt an usual way of describing Love, Grief, and Desire
OWP: Road Trip
A tragedy that does not include death or blood; a simple everyday heartbreak
Three Siblings reunite after an unusual situation
(See Playground Picture)
OWP: Thief
"I lost my..."
A mysterious gift arrives
Describe a room in either the voice of someone who has no idea where they are or as someone sitting in their favorite place.
Ghost Town
OWP: Thirst
Development of an Awkward/Adorable character
Dialogue between two people set-up on a blind date who happen to be rivals
OWP: Suitcase
Write a disjointed, chaotic story in which nothing makes sense
Honest Love Song
OWP: Gossip
An old man throws a coin in a wishing well
a comedic account of the end of the world as its happening or by a survivor
OWP: Secret
Dialogue at a high school reunion
Everyday perspective from a household pet
OWP: Wire
Take a lyric from a song and let it inspire a new creation
A break-up letter/poem/song/photo/etc.
OWP: Mirror
Personify the little voice inside your head
a creative piece that begins with a Double-Dog Dare
OWP: Freak
Finding a soulmate at the wrong time
10 snapshots of a lifetime
What is the silliest/most useless thing you've ever purchased? Write a story that features the item in a life saving role. 
One Word Prompt: Mortal
Start with a noise
Extremely short story: Write a complete story in a 100 words or less. 
20 minute creation. Time yourself for 10 minutes and create a story, a poem, a sketch, ANYTHING. 
Allow yourself 10 minutes to polish your work! 
One Word Prompt: Shelter
Write a haiku (Traditional haiku: A poem composed of 17 syllables, divided in three lines of 5-7-5)
OWP: Fireworks
A Razor Sharp Smile
The New Kid
List poetry. Write a list, turn it into a poem.
OWP: Reflection
Contribute to our Summer Series: Short Story in 100 words or less
At first sight
A meeting scene: two people who eventually alter the world in a dramatic way
The Grand Finale


One thing is missing
The Void
Balancing Act
A Note from Cheryl

Happy Birthday, Mr. Thoreau
All I want to say is...

A girl named Savvy

Trouble in the fall
School Days
A character named Simon
Begin with the line, "Don't answer that!"



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