Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring is Here! 2017 edition

Hello dear darling readers,

We have a wonderful edition for you today. Thank you to all who have contributed their work and who keep this site alive! Affinity CoLab delights in publishing your work and providing a platform for all artists and writers.

Speaking of platforms... the stage at Steel City Coffeehouse was buzzing Sunday, April 23rd during Affinity CoLab's first ever For the Love of Books event. It was a lovely time!  This event also resulted in, not only building community for local published authors, but also Affinity CoLab's latest Featured Books page! Please check it out and support these incredibly talented people.

In the Artist to Watch series, Affinity CoLab, is featuring the justice-minded and smart works by Katie Schmidt McMurry. Katie's Artist Site is the go-to place for gifts that promote positivity and togetherness in our current some-what fractured social/political climate. We can't wait to see what Katie creates next!

Watching artists... that reminds me of Krystle N. Adams! She is also among the artists to watch in her new webseries Brooklyn Baby, Jersey Maybe. Affinity CoLab is proud to present all three episodes: Chapters One, Two, and Three so you can binge on the first three of what will be a successful series. Affinity CoLab would also like to take a moment to congratulate Krystle on her new acting position with New Hampshire's Weathervane Theatre and the official establishment of her production company: KNA Productions, LLC! For behind the scenes and news about the future of Brooklyn Baby, Jersey Maybe, check out and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for exclusive peeks of the show and the people who Krystle describe as the best cast and crew ever.

Next up, Affinity CoLab is pleased to present the work of newcomer, memoir writer Abby Cohen. Abby is a regular performer and occasional host of the infamous Thursday night open mic at Steel City Coffeehouse. She is also, we are happy to say, a regular reader of lyrics and childhood memories at Affinity CoLab's 4th Sunday Story/Poetry Slam. Here is one of our favorites, Don't Blame Canada.

In the Poetry Series we welcome another newcomer, Sam Traten and second-time contributor, Patty Kline Capaldo. Sam is a fairly new poet with a zest for the written word and Patty (who is also featured in our For the Love of Books event recap) is a published author who leads the writing group, Just Write, in Collegeville, PA. Welcome Sam and Patty!

MicroFiction is the telling of a story in the most concise way possible. This Summer we will bring back a favorite: Our MicroFiction Series Challenge. In this challenge, Affinity CoLab will be publishing stories anywhere from 6 words to 200 words a piece. The challenge is in the storytelling. How concise can a writer be? Here to provide an example is regular contributor, Fred W. Feldman with his piece, Re: Walser? 

Affinity CoLab would like to wrap up this edition with the fantastic fact that it is, indeed, SPRING. Therefore, by pure coincidence and joy of this fact, everyone who submitted photos to this edition submitted lovely nature photos! Bliss! Thank you, photographers, for letting us peer through your lens and see the world as an artist does:

Patty Kline Capaldo: Early Spring in Chanticleer Garden
Nathaniel Lieberman: Pikes Peak
Phyllis Feulner: Dogwood
Harrison, age 11: Nature Dream
Ronna Fretz: April Series

That's it! Thank you readers for tuning in, and...

Happy Creating!

Katy Comber
Founder and Curator
Affinity CoLab

Photo Series, Ronna Fretz

April Series
By Ronna Fretz

Location: Ben Franklin Bridge

Location: Art Museum, Philadelphia

Location: Art Museum, Philadelphia

Location: Valley Forge

Location: Valley Forge

Location: Valley Forge 

Location: Ridley Park