Monday, January 16, 2017

Serial MicroFiction, Lydia Sudall

Reeve and Rian
by Lydia Sudall

Reeve slips past Rian, who has unlatched the door. Once inside they remove their hoods. "You're late." Rian chastizes. Reeve hangs his cloak. "She is late, I was just... Distracted." "Who is she?" "A new gate keeper I guess. She seems to have a taste for theatrics. Did you enjoy the show?" "Ha, I don't do this for the show." "Some do. See you soon." He kisses her. "Something's comming," Rian whispers. Reeve pulls away and goes to open the door to the dining room. "Not if we can stop it."
Friday, January 6, 2017

The Affinity CoLab Presents: 1st Anniversary Edition

Hello 2017!

We have a fantastic anniversary edition for you!

First up is our featured Visual Artists to Watch section: Both Anna Kocher and Kait Masters impressed the readers and contributors last year, and we are thrilled to see what they do in 2017!

Robin's Egg by Anna Kocher

Where the Wind Meets the Sea by Kait Masters

New contributors are always welcome at Affinity CoLab, and in this edition we are pleased to introduce musicians Anna Spackman and Shawn Cephas, aka Street Greek:

Welcome Anna and Shawn! 

After searching for independent films and web series to promote, we couldn't help but fall in love with Krystle N. Adams' new project. Can't wait for a little later in the year for this series!

Brooklyn Baby, Jersey Maybe: A Webseries by Creator Krystle N. Adams

Writers Fred Feldman and Lydia Sudall have regularly contributed to Affinity CoLab and we are pleased and honored to see their work in today's special edition:

Snow Scene, by Fred Feldman
Serial Microfiction, by Lydia Sudall

And last but not least we have some awesome photography by Phyllis Fuelner and Marta Guron!

Relax by Phyllis Fuelner
Snow Scene by Marta Guron

That's a wrap! Thanks for an excellent birthday celebration! Be sure to check out our Top 10 Viewed of 2016 List and our letter from the editor. Prompts for this week's challenge will be posted later tonight. As always, Happy Creating Everyone!

Indie Film Series, Krystle N. Adams

Note from the editor: One web series Affinity CoLab has promoted this year is Brooklyn Baby, Jersey Maybe. We cannot WAIT for this series to premiere! 2017 is the year, and rumor has it that the much anticipated screening might be happening this February. If you haven't checked out this series' promos yet, here is their most recent (and very adorable) promo and opening sequence.

Featured Artist, Anna Kocher

A note from the editor: Another artist Affinity CoLab is watching this year is Anna Kocher. Her work catches attention to everyday objects that otherwise may be overlooked: a honey bear, a broken egg, a half-eaten doughnut; a woman on the phone. With her concentration in oil, water color, and mixed media and Kocher's attention to detail, I admire every piece on her site

Robin's Egg
Oil Painting, Wood Panel

Anna Kocher's work can also be found and purchased through Etsy

Serial Microfiction, Lydia Sudall

Luna and Rian
by Lydia Sudall

Luna walks down the street with vengeance on her mind.  She is later than she would prefer, and the intel she has is sketchy at best.  The moon is nearly full, making the exploded and broken street lamps irrelevant. She stops. A cat dashes through the fragments.  Behind her a canvas clad foot glides off the curb.  Unaware she continues to walk, allowing herself to take on a sort of strut. Silent footsteps follow her.  

From the dark alcove of a door Rian reveals her pale face then hunches back under her hood, turning her back as Luna passes.  At the end of the block, she notes the complete streetlight and re-evaluates the way she came. The distraction is just enough...

Stay tuned to figure out what is going on.

New Contributors, Anna Spackman and Street Greek

Note from the editor: I met Anna Spackman and Shawn Cephas, aka Street Greek, at one of the Affinity CoLab readings at Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA. Anna and Shawn had just played a sold out show at Steel City the night before. Curiosity and their appreciation for the written word brought them back the next day to observe and participate in the open mic portion of the night, and it was awesome. These two artists are so genuine and supportive of the collaborative element within the creative process. It's an honor to share their work in today's Anniversary Edition.

"Love Will Come to You" Live! at Steel City

An Introduction to Street Greek:

Anna Spackman's "Sky"

For more information on these two outstanding musicians check out their websites here:

Anna Spackman
Street Greek

Photo Series, Phyllis Fuelner

Snow Scene, Fred Feldman

A Snow Scene

by Frederick W. Feldman

I saw the director Ives Bayreuth once. In real life, I mean. I’ll tell you about it.
I’m a big fan of his movies. I know he’s done a lot of stuff - written some books, for example – but his films are what I’ve really connected with. It was funny, because I had been reading a bunch of his interviews the week before I saw him. He’s a very interesting dude – a bit of an iconoclast, but I have a soft spot for those. I think people get locked into certain ways of thinking about things, and then they start thinking that those are the only ways of thinking, so we need people who come along and shake things up and force us to deal with other ways of seeing the world.

Snow Scene, Marta Guron

Featured Artist, Kait Masters

Kait Masters is one of our Artists to Watch this year. One recent piece by Masters, Where the Wind Meets the Sea, is part of a series that explores rhythm in nature; this dynamic work captivates the eye and the imagination. If you visit Masters' site at Larkspur and Laurel you will find a clear dedication to the creative process and her work supporting other artists with The Rising Tide Society inspires us creatives with their mission towards "Educating and empowering creatives to thrive in the spirit of community over competition." 

Where the Wind Meets the Sea
Watercolor on 140lb Cold Pressed Paper
For Sale

Please check out Masters' gallery at Larkspur and Laurel and The Rising Tide Society by clicking the embedded links above. It will make your day.  

Top Ten Most Viewed This Year, Affinity CoLab

There have been so many outstanding pieces contributed to Affinity CoLab this first year. This Top Ten List of 2016 is the list of works with the most views and shares out of the 100+ pieces we've posted this year. Enjoy!

May 23, 2016

Sep 27, 2016

Mar 19, 2016

Mar 19, 2016

Oct 11, 2016

Jul 11, 2016

Jul 11, 2016

Jun 28, 2016

May 23, 2016

June 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Affinity CoLab!

A Note from the Editor

Resolutions. This word is the theme of January's co-sponsored Story/Poetry Slam with Steel City Coffeehouse. It is also my personal eleven character curse word. Why? Because self-sabtouge is my forte. Nearly every resolution, goal, personal deadline, desired achievement for myself has combusted before its realization. Now, professionally, I get the job done for other people. I work for the proverbial "team." I am the kid you want for the dreaded group class project.  It's really just my own desires and dreams I feel can be shelved, halted, or completely abandoned. I'm sure there's a term out there on the tip of any life coach or therapist's tongue who might happen to read this, but for now let's just call it, The Prevailing Fear of Success and Sh*t.

All this to explain what you, dear reader, cannot see. The wide smile on this writer's face. The shaking hands as I type this post. For Affinity CoLab started out as a January 2016 resolution to write and get my friends writing on a regular basis for a year. Just that. AND WE MADE IT!!!!

Were there times I wanted to give up and close Affinity CoLab's site for good? God, yes. BUT... the contributors to/supporters of Affinity CoLab kept me and this awesome project going. In one year, there have been over 25 contributing artists, over 100 posts, and over 6,000 views. As founder and editor, I have met incredible authors, musicians, painters, filmmakers, etc. Affinity CoLab also had the privilege of establishing a relationship with revered Steel City Coffeehouse and its incredible owners, Ed Simpson and Laura Vernola. Every 4th Sunday, Affinity CoLab has a spot on the Steel City marquee--and it's an honor every single time.

When this project launched, I couldn't stop saying the royal "We" whenever mentioning Affinity CoLab and what was happening with its mission to promote emerging artists and share art without politics, costs, or strings. People teased about that royal We, but I've finally figured out what was happening whenever "We" instead of "I" slipped out. Affinity CoLab isn't MY project, MY site, MY work; it never was. Affinity CoLab is the collaboration and home to everyone who has ever contributed and everyone who ever will.

So happy birthday, Affinity CoLab, you're the first resolution I've ever kept, and you're also the best. Thank you to all our contributors and readers!

As ever yours,
Katy Comber