Friday, January 6, 2017

The Affinity CoLab Presents: 1st Anniversary Edition

Hello 2017!

We have a fantastic anniversary edition for you!

First up is our featured Visual Artists to Watch section: Both Anna Kocher and Kait Masters impressed the readers and contributors last year, and we are thrilled to see what they do in 2017!

Robin's Egg by Anna Kocher

Where the Wind Meets the Sea by Kait Masters

New contributors are always welcome at Affinity CoLab, and in this edition we are pleased to introduce musicians Anna Spackman and Shawn Cephas, aka Street Greek:

Welcome Anna and Shawn! 

After searching for independent films and web series to promote, we couldn't help but fall in love with Krystle N. Adams' new project. Can't wait for a little later in the year for this series!

Brooklyn Baby, Jersey Maybe: A Webseries by Creator Krystle N. Adams

Writers Fred Feldman and Lydia Sudall have regularly contributed to Affinity CoLab and we are pleased and honored to see their work in today's special edition:

Snow Scene, by Fred Feldman
Serial Microfiction, by Lydia Sudall

And last but not least we have some awesome photography by Phyllis Fuelner and Marta Guron!

Relax by Phyllis Fuelner
Snow Scene by Marta Guron

That's a wrap! Thanks for an excellent birthday celebration! Be sure to check out our Top 10 Viewed of 2016 List and our letter from the editor. Prompts for this week's challenge will be posted later tonight. As always, Happy Creating Everyone!


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