Friday, January 6, 2017

Serial Microfiction, Lydia Sudall

Luna and Rian
by Lydia Sudall

Luna walks down the street with vengeance on her mind.  She is later than she would prefer, and the intel she has is sketchy at best.  The moon is nearly full, making the exploded and broken street lamps irrelevant. She stops. A cat dashes through the fragments.  Behind her a canvas clad foot glides off the curb.  Unaware she continues to walk, allowing herself to take on a sort of strut. Silent footsteps follow her.  

From the dark alcove of a door Rian reveals her pale face then hunches back under her hood, turning her back as Luna passes.  At the end of the block, she notes the complete streetlight and re-evaluates the way she came. The distraction is just enough...

Stay tuned to figure out what is going on.


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