Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Honest Love Song, Katy Comber

For Honest Love Song, I grabbed a poem that I've been working out for years. It used to be over a page long until I cut it down for this edition. (I listened to the advice of an anthology rejection letter that told me to EDIT.)

 I wrote this poem in an effort to understand why, despite being in a deep, committed, and loving relationship, I still have these pesky thoughts about my first love from time to time. Because that was a not-so deep, hold-on tight cause we don't want to fail, we don't want to hurt/be hurt type of commitment with my high school boyfriend. His name was Graham. He was cute. We got along for more than year. I loved him with my understanding of love. He did the same. Until we didn't anymore. The end. 

Here's my piece, Voodoo Doll Heart.

Voodoo Doll Heart
By Katy Comber

First Love's a bitch
She turned a sliver of my heart
into a squeaky toy
sewed it up tight with 
selective memory strings 
made sure a winged toddler 
       (that perpetual youth w/terrible aim)
found it wedged 
under a gutter grate.   
and every once in a while...
that little bastard squeezes
to see if it will still make noise

It's the only explanation 


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