Tuesday, July 17, 2018

First Love, Lydia Sudall

A series of Haiku to my first love
by Lydia Sudall Hormonally born but still a social secret: Simple clarity. Stability in transition, stability when I didn't know... Shrouded memories, committing to together, while young love fell around us. From highschool outward, Different worlds, states and friendships. Forging ourselves apart. A teenage drama, Exploration and distance. Time whispered good bye. I, an erratic liberated bird in your. Stoic existence. Crazy first heartbreak echoes of a birthday lie. His eyes were elsewhere. I could have learned more. A young view of forever, daydreams in Summer. There was no good way; A sterile internet sentence. Farewell forever. The only one I Would never hear from again. Married now I say Goodbye Dong Hoon Kang. Doors of friendship never close Peace in, peace out.


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