Sunday, April 5, 2020

Canto From The Quarantine by Andrea Hornett

Canto From The Quarantine

Used to think Pandora’s a fox
but not no more
‘cause she opened the box.

Out flew somethin’ we couldn’t see
What to do? We couldn’t agree. 

Celebrate the hubris and party on,
or, stay inside, your days are done. 

What to watch? What to do? 
Turn off the tv? That’s not for you. 

Pretty Pandora. What a fox!
We desire her, but not the box. 

Trouble shot out when she lifted the lid. 
We’re all gonna die. Oh you kid!

Nurses nursed while breathing sucked. 
But lots of Evil started to f-ck.

Markets dove. 
Yet truckers drove.

Nix to groups. There’ll be no bride.
Pick up your food; dine curbside. 

Oh, Pandora! What have you done? 
Our rampant panic has just begun.

We’ve unleashed a viral curse. 
Watch out folks, it’s gonna get worse. 


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