Saturday, April 29, 2017

Affinity CoLab's For the Love of Books Event

So, the mission of Affinity CoLab is provide platforms, support, and resources for artists and writers, right? Right. In light of this goal, inviting 9 authors to network, read, and sell their most current work in Affinity CoLab's favorite coffeehouse (those awesome, gracious people over at Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA) seemed like a dream. And it was!

For the Love of Books was born as concept one day after a traditional 4th Sunday Story/Poetry Slam when I found myself sitting with a handful of published authors who'd come in support of the event. I found myself questioning, "If there was an event where authors could come and build community with each other and possibly sell some books, would you be interested?"

On April 23, 2017, For the Love of Books became a reality shortly after the fateful conversation that sparked the idea. Our first attempt was a unique event for writers and readers of Phoenixville (and beyond!). Self-published and indie writers showcased their books, sold their published works, and all nine authors (plus surprise guest Patty Kline Capaldo) participated in a reading of selected passages from their works. It was amazing, my dear reader. Absolutely incredible. My favorite part (other than the actual reading) was in the observing of authors deep in conversation with one another. A little community is built every 4th Sunday at Steel City, and this event was no exception.

Featured writers included: Marianne Modica, Sharon Hajj, Kim Lehman, David Moskowitz, Dottie and Roger Small, Rae Theodore, Karen Meadows, Susan Weidener, Ginger Murphy, and Patty Kline Capaldo.

Check out our new FEATURED BOOKS page for more information and to purchase the books read at this event!

We will be returning to our regularly scheduled Story/Poetry Slam (open mic for local writers) May 28th. Prompt TBA on our Events page soon!

Happy Creating,

Katy Comber
Founder and Curator
Affinity CoLab


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