Sunday, April 30, 2017

Poetry Series, Sam Traten

Tantrum in the Supermarket

A beehive of motion, a buzz of wing-like elbows,
a clash of carts, a frenzy for the queen's royal
jelly of stockpiled wealth from the orchard's bounty.
Easy to laugh at and fun to watch, pre-storm
activity appears both animal and human. Naturally,
faced with a period of shut-down, shut-in,

we bury nuts in the pantry, hide-hoard milk, butter,
and eggs. Are we ever more alive than this, when nature disregards our comfort, her 

toddler-tantrums disrupting the kiddie table, the one
just steps away from our mature-adult sophisticated
chatter, our measured civility? Ah, the good life. But what's that child up 

to? She's always had a mind of her own, that big little weathermonster.
She's so cute though. We love her but this is a bit much. Who's
child is that? Why Esther, she's yours
Can't you control her?

Sam Traten 03.19.2017


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