Thursday, July 20, 2017

Affinity CoLab Presents! Summer I Issue

Dear Readers,

Happy SUMMER!!! We're celebrating the first half of the Summer season with an issue packed with short stories, essays, and poetry!

We begin our issue welcoming a first time contributor to Affinity CoLab! New contributor, Deep Blue River, submitted her spoken word "Lives of Precious Children" as read at our monthly coffeehouse reading at Steel City.

Katy Comber answers the prompt "One Thing is Missing," with a love story told in a series of three vignettes.

In the reflective and vulnerable flash memoir piece, Crash, Jan Backes reflects on an tragic event and answers the prompt, Something is Missing.

Poet and YA author of The Clock Tower, Sharon Hajj, reflects on the challenges of long distance friendship and loss with her poem, "I Remember Her."

We at Affinity CoLab are proud to publish two pieces from our regular contributor, Fred Feldman. His memoir piece "Stuck" was written and presented at our monthly reading at Steel City and his poignant response to the prompt "Resistance" is a journey we hope you all enjoy as much as we have.

Memoir essayist and regular speaker at our coffeehouse gatherings, Abby Cohen, delights us with a comic tragedy featuring the death of a beloved cat and an incompetent receptionist in "A Fond Farewell." 

First time contributor, Linda Cerynik, delighted the Affinity CoLab team with her response to the prompt "Click."

This issue's poetry series would not be complete without the provoking works of poet Pat D'Innocenzo and her three poems: "Brain Dump," "Ghosts," and "Missing in Action." 

Affinity CoLab is pleased to welcome back writer and photographer Sam Traten, as he answers the prompt "Something is Missing" (as read at our Steel City Coffeehouse reading in May).

Our Artists to Watch list is growing! Be sure to check out these awesome exhibits before they end.

There is still time to check out Anna Kocher's work live at Gryphon Coffee in Wayne!  

Lee Pohlsander is new on Affinity CoLab's Artist to Watch list! We were thrilled to see her exhibit at the Mont Co. Art Studio Tour. Please stop by Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville to see her work! 

Affinity CoLab's mission is to provide a platform for emerging artists and writers. If you would like to submit work to Affinity CoLab, we welcome writers and artists of all genres and mediums and ages. Please check out our prompts, respond, and submit to (or submit a piece that you just have an urge to share). Our next submission window for the Summer II issue will be July 25th to August 15th. Also check out our Story/Poetry Jams at Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA every 4th Sunday of the month from 2:00-4:00 pm!

Happy Reading! Happy Creating!

Katy Comber
Founder and Curator
Affinity CoLab


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