Monday, July 17, 2017

Poetry Series, Pat D’Innocenzo


Jagged crosses, sharp teeth, splintered glass
Images move across the landscape.

They show no obvious link.
They stride through my thoughts.

Green edges, loud voices, soft whispers
Round two comes to the fore.

They jive for position in my memory.
They disturb and awaken.

The detritus of dreamland fighting the edge of dawn.


A muddled heap of white cloth straddles the highway line.
Tossed by the winds, skirted by cars,
A shadowy relic of a former life

A bicycle leans against the stone barn.
A white scarf tied to its handles
Drifts toward the ground.
Ghostly evidence of a young boy and his kite.

A mysterious piece of white drifts onto the path.
A small sail of packaging escaped from the trash heap.
Litter with a life
Left seeking a better use.

Two wooden stakes festooned with tattered strips of white sheeting
Silent sentries they stand guard over a missing place.
Echoes of a dream circle the empty field
Seeking something called home.

What was is not.
Bleached, frayed, stripped of meaning
Remnant reminders of things gone by.
Discards tinged by melancholy.


Not dead – gone.
Wearing her coat & scarf & high heels she’s walking away.  She glances back a time or two but never hesitates moving on.  When I ask why she is leaving she tells me I worked her too hard.  I want to come along.  A single word reply – NO.

What can I tell you about her?

She was mighty.
She was determined.
She was resourceful.
She was a warrior.
She was imaginative.
She believed.

The image is shades of grey.  No color can touch it.  It has been drained away.

She is not coming back.   She is mad.  She is unhappy.  Even though she heads into the darkness she is surefooted.  

Her qualities have not changed, just her address.

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