Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ghost Stories: Words Left Unsaid, Debbie Carrier and deep blue river

Ghost stories 
By deep blue river 

The tap of my boot on a railroad track
As I go running across the bridge and running back

as the train noise rumbles around the bend
( friends are cheering)
hoping not to catch my boot in the slats between the ties
and hollerin' hallelujah
I made it ( again) beer bottles clankin'
Small college town
Nothin' much better to do
Than tell ghost stories
About words left unsaid
Around campfires
Smoke of longing manifesting
A runners high
Like desire

I try not to
Do that

Leave those words hanging
Still in the air
But sometimes
Best intentions
Puff up like cloudy
That don't deflat quickly
Or become bubble gum
Expanding outside
The lip line
Saturday afternoon fizzy lifting drinks
Where verbs
Just ponder
The quietened atmosphere
Takes a javelin
Sometimes to bring them down

Runner on fire
Pants on fire
Your head's on fire
Your heart's on fire
To dance

Screaming across the railroad tracks
Suspended over a rocky creek
Stones tumbling
With time and graceful washing
Oh! The wanting

Not to get your foot stuck in the slats between the tracks when the train is coming
Head on
Straight on for you
Is a player that's a head on train
Full of force and steamy passion
Don't get your foot stuck
While screaming
Cause you ain't no saint
Just a college kid
On the sidelines
Telling ghost stories about the ones
That got away

So words
Don't get left

Cause I try not to

Autumn is a good time to sit on the tracks
When not
As many trains come.
And watch the steamy fires
Carve a pumpkin
Eat some apple pie
Wear a scarf
Wrap yourself

In a blanket.


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