Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ghost Stories: Words Left Unsaid, Katy Comber

The Town
by Katy Comber

The sound was faint but 
it was definitely there. 
The entire town its audience. 
A creaking. 

In the cool mist settling 
there was a creaking.

Lights remained on. 
Lights remained blazing. 
As the townspeople lay shivering, quaking. 
Creak. Creak. Creak. 

A rocking after the 
snap, snap, snap 
ringing out; echoing.
A rocking. A creaking.

What have we done? 
What have we done? 
A witch! A witch! 
What have we done? 

Autumnal leaves vibrant in the full moonlight 
against the gray world. 
Dreams of specters pinching 
and yellow birds flitting 

A witch! A witch! 
What have we done? What have we done? 
Three nooses swaying, swaying. 
Empty, but still there was a creaking. 

What have we done? 


  1. the lottery springs to mind here. just don't change your name to shirley

  2. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson was required reading in my leadership class. I agree with Abby on that one.
    The image of the three nooses is truly compelling. Thanks, Katy, you made my skin crawl.