Tuesday, May 15, 2018

DNA, Linda Cerynik


Double helix shimmers
Potential gleams
History screams

Map of future in each cell
Tattered, burnt, 
when parents fell

What could have been
lies but in dream
lies in between
The curve of gleam
and what is seen

Double spiral twirls around
Up to the sky
or down to ground

Mystery gleams
History screams

Scars lie buried
Shame still carried

Eternity walks on the stairs
Flesh flounders under cross and cares

Can the ladder be remade?
Double helix bent in shade
Redemption price was paid
But realized when mortals fade.

One day spiral stairs will climb
Where tears and death and pain and crime
No longer torment broken hearted.
The stairs will end where we once started:

The garden - love and life and peace -
Restored from greatest to the least.

By Linda Cerynik 


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