Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The “We Decided to Boycott Winter and Come Out With a Mid-Spring Issue Instead” Issue

Hello Readers!

What a time it has been! Affinity CoLab and the Just Write Meet-up have joined together to collaborate on what is now Creative Light Factory Writers' Room! Affinity CoLab is delighted to have a space in which to work and play. We will continue to have our Story Slam at Steel City Coffeehouse every 4th Sunday from 2-4pm. Which brings me to...

Guest hosts! The May Story Slam/Poetry Jam will have the clever and funny Jenn Wismer and Abby Cohen co-hosting! No word on the theme yet, but it is sure to be a truly special event.

This issue we are proud to present:

Five Things I Know to Be True, by Katy Comber 
Five Things I Know to Be True, by Fred Feldman
Comfort Food, by Fred Feldman 
Fire and Fury, by Abby Cohen
Comfort Food, by Abby Cohen
DNA, by Linda Cerynik

If you have a piece of writing, art, photography, etc. you would like to share, please consider sending it our way! We are a platform for emerging artists and writers and Affinity CoLab's mission is to display work of the not-yet discovered.

Happy Spring!
Katy Comber
Affinity CoLab Editor


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