Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Affinity CoLab Presents! New Year Edition

On this day, no matter what is happening in our world, we at Affinity CoLab celebrate another moment of creating, collaborating, and ART; for, this is the glue that binds. Art is necessary for our humanity. It teaches us empathy and how to see the world through lenses other than our own. So, celebrate with us and enjoy the pieces we have for you today.

Our theme was RESOLUTION! (Shout out to Steel City for being an awesome host to our most well-attended Story Slam/Reading to date!)

Eleven year old poet, Harrison Comber, made his feelings known about resolutions in this acrostic poem: Resolution 

Katy Comber decided to rework an old poem and turn the hopelessness of the original poem "Lost" into a Resolution

New contributor and established author, Patty Kline-Capaldo, decided to play with the word and see where it took her: Resolution

Other contributions included: 

Responses to the prompt, The Letter that Changed Everything: 

Nathaniel Lieberman submitted his love letter to 2016 and made the year look a little brighter: 2016.

Fred Feldman takes us on an adventure through the eyes of a guy named Earl

Indie Film and Web-Series: 

The extended trailer for the anticipated Brooklyn Baby, Jersey Maybe is here

The FreeCreate Series: 

Photographer Ronna Fretz takes us on an extraordinary visual adventure through Manayunk, PA in her latest photo series.  

First time contributor and author of Tesla's Signal, L. Woodswalker, brings wit and hilarity to this edition with her two humorous poems, "Press One for More Options" and "Oxytocin."

A chilling look at the future through Fred W. Feldman's short fiction piece, "The Future of the Automotive Industry." 

And, last but not least, no edition would be complete without another installment from Lydia Sudall's Serial MicroFiction

That's all from us today. Be sure to check out the new prompts on the side panel. As always...
Happy Creating, Everyone! 


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