Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Poetry Series, L. Woodswalker

Press One for more Options
By L. Woodswalker

I never did want to murder anyone
as much as that Robot you get on the phone.
Smash it with a hammer
shoot it with a gun
for more options, please press One.

"press the last 4 digits of your Social Sec
followed by the pound key, click click click.
Enter the name of your old home town
what was the color of your first prom gown?
I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch what you did say
Let us try another way."

Your call is important. Please stay on the line
I've been here 2 hours. I'm losing my mind!
I've pressed every button a person can press.
Is there a button for "Please kiss my Ass"?

Pretty soon you'll hear such a crash'
when I throw my phone right into the trash.
Crawl down the wires and find that machine
and smash it into smithereens.
Then it'll be like the Robots say
I'm going to "have a WUN-derful Day!"

By L. Woodswalker

Oxytocin is the Love Hormone.
Much more kindlycv than Testosterone.

It brings the mama's milk to her breast
Feeds the baby with food that is best
She loves the child that came from her womb
she's one with the earth, the stars and the moon.

The love hormone makes you kindly and sweet
Makes you love all the people you meet
why don't they give it to the angry young guys
why don't they put it in the water supply.

Why don't they serve it with every meal
why don't they spray it on the battlefield.
Why don't they drop it on the Pentagon
Put it in a rocket for a Love Bomb.

Oxytocin...the love hormone.

L. Woodswalker is the author of Tesla's Signal. For more information about L. Woodswalker, you can visit the website!  


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