Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Resolution, K. Comber

Letter from the Author: For the prompt, Resolution, I resolved to edit and rework a poem that I published before it was ready. "Lost" became "Resolution," and this poem has blossomed under revision. 

By Katy Comber 

I resolve 
to name this restlessness
in my bones

I resolve 
toward bravery as I sway here, lost
to my surroundings

I resolve to fight the
windmills that thread deep
in what I wonder of my soul:
      (spirit, fraction of a whole,
       a vein of a needle about to shed
       from a grand Muir tree)

I resolve
to hug these
tsunami waves

To sit, calm, in this blur
breathe in and out 
my purposeful temporary-ness
     (while others fall permanently 
      at rest returning to the dust 
      that calls to me, daily)

I resolve 
to find my anchor that pulls 
and binds me to this world
to these fallen
sculptures molded by the same hand

I resolve
to wrestle to understand
this restlessness

I resolve 
to name it
title it. own it. know it. 

I resolve to hope.


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