Friday, September 1, 2017

Live at Steel City Series, Abby Cohen

School and Books and Clowns
by Abby Cohen

Fall is almost here, and everyone is going back to school. Including me. I guess. I still need to decide what to do when I grow up. I know, you’re thinking it’s a little late. But you see, I’ve never really had to. I worked and went to school a little. Then I got this crazy idea.
I talked my dad into backing me. After all, it would only cost as much as sending me to college, which wasn’t going very well anyway. Help me go into business for myself. Open a bookstore. It’s all I really liked to do anyway. Hang out in bookstores (Well, back then I also hung out in bars but that’s a different story). So, I went in the book business for 25 years.
Which to me at least, wasn’t really being a grownup. It was just me being me. I am not a grownup. I’ve never figured out how to be one of those people. A grownup. And now I have to be. I need to have a job. Make money. Buckle down. Pay bills. Be a grownup. I guess it’s too late to write my way out of this.
Aslan is not going to help me out here. Or Tock the dog and the Humbug. Or Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. I am going to have to figure this out all by myself. Be a grownup. Maybe it’s not too late.

I know everybody is scared of clowns these days, but I could be a clown at kids parties. Not grow up. I like it. There’s a loophole. An idea. Be a clown. Join the circus. Wait all the circuses are going away too. Bother it. I need a time machine. Then I could be a clown. And have a bookstore. And not be a grownup. Oh, well.


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