Friday, September 1, 2017

Poetry Series, Sam Traten

River Con Amigos
Sam Traten 07.30.2017 

Hoping for respite, hungering for nature 
we meet down by the river.
The day dry and bright, warm not hot 

after a week of muggy rain day and night.

Aha, half the town is there too.
Runners, hikers, fishermen, bikers,
kayakers --all seek sport and healthy exercise. 

Birds, turtles, and fish find refuge elsewhere.

Nothing lost. Human nature is nature enough 
for our pleasure. One Great Blue Heron 
hightails off upriver, looking for a sushi lunch 
away from our cacophony of horns, splashing

paddles, yelps of youths diving and swimming
in their street clothes, the scents of wrapped 

sandwiches and grilled delicacies wafting, mingling 
with molecules of rain-refreshed rushing waters

splashing high over the dam off to our right. To the left 
a family of newly arrived townspeople encamp.

But, wait, they’re all men, young and old, along with
a few shy toddlers and scampers. Where are the women?

A radio clicks on, Spanish singers croon and 
yodel, the songs not modern pop but Central 
American country-music, of love and merriment. 
“The women are working,” I offer,

half biting wit, half loving irony, thinking
the men have taken over childcare for the day, 

mothers home enjoying relief, catching up with 
housework, away from their work-fit men who’ve

labored the week away to feed their growing 

This is our river with friends. 


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