Friday, September 1, 2017

Affinity CoLab Presents! Summer II Issue

Dear Readers,

I write you from my hometown of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. My windows opened; with air cool and sweet circulating through my home, I say goodbye to the lazy, sticky haze of summer. I love summer. I love heat blanketing me as soon as I step outdoors. Popsicles. The ease of routine when even the sun has a later bedtime. Thunderstorms. Ravenous appetites after a day of swimming. New freckles. For these and many more reasons, this issue is near and dear to my heart. This issue is full of Summer Love: a new artist and updates from a few of our favorites in our "Artists to Watch" series, a new series of poems, fiction, and essays highlighting pieces shared at our event "Live from Steel City," and a few new writers to add to our list of contributors. I hope you enjoy our Summer II issue as much as I have enjoyed its curation.

Though saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet, we at Affinity CoLab are thrilled that fall is coming! What can you expect from Affinity CoLab this autumn? This fall we will be returning to presenting weekly prompts every Monday as well as celebrating #TBT every Thursday with a recycled prompt and highlighted response. All responses sent to us at by November 29th will be featured in our Fall issue November 30th!

Keep creating and appreciating art wherever you go.

Katy Comber

 Artists to Watch Series featuring:
Anna Kocher 
Genevieve Barker
Kait Masters
Matthew Kern

Live at Steel City Series featuring:
Tia Manon
Abby Cohen
Fred Feldman

Poetry Series featuring:
Deep Blue River Poetry (Poem 1)
Deep Blue River Poetry (Poem 2)
Fred W. Feldman
Sam Traten

Memoirs featuring:
Abby Cohen


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