Friday, September 1, 2017

Poetry Series, Deep Blue River

Well... Be well. 
by deep blue river

I wasn't even quite shining yet
I wouldn't call it a gleam 
Or a luster 

(Be well) 

Every morning I would awake to apply the glue to the cracked shell
Of my face 

Stare into the bleached blue of my eyes and try to compliment them 
"You're looking quite fancy there 
Sad heart 
What's for breakfast" ? 

( be well) 

I would push and I would pull
My own carpet from under my feet 

I would sing and midway through the note 
Fall sharply off a cliff 
Like choking on a rag 
Meant to silence me
Hanging on a post out to dry 
Not dry
Still wet 
Anyone have hands strong enough to ring those waves out of me ? 

( be well) shut up! 

I wasn't lightening 
I was sawdust swept into a pile 
The leftovers of someone's laborious project that resulted in a beautiful dream for them and a semi-sonic bombshell
For me

The sound of that note descending into the chambers and the recesses of my mind was like the proverbial coin 
Dropped down the Grand Canyon
Of wells 
With God saying do you see now
How deep I have dug this well ? 

Oh well! 

Yes... Well I certainly do and climbing up the mortared bricks inside the slippery slope ain't an easy thing compadre! You call yourself a master designer, pops? 

I need to speak with the engineering department? 
1-800 I got myself 
A heartache. Holding time: undetermined. 
Approximately an eternity to wait for sunshine. 

Alternative: walk outside and stand in me; for as long as it takes. Operators on this line are constantly busy. 

(be well) ...well ... shit!) 

I am not even quite shining yet ( hello?)
( days are easier) 
I wouldn't call it a gleam 
Or a luster 
Certainly not a sheen or a shine.

I am still standing ( out here) for as long as it takes. 

( be well). 


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