Saturday, March 19, 2016

Alternative View of Love, Grief, and Desire, Melissa Taggart

Love, Grief, Desire (a found poem)
by Melissa Taggart

Love imposes impossible tasks,
Or is about to deceive me,
Visions of delight revealing
Early one morning, just as the sun was rising.
Get busy on a day that is fair and bright.
Remember me to one who lives there.
I day or night find no delight.
Every day, my mammy land, you’re simply gran,
For fatal excess will enslave the free soul.
Despair and anguish fill my breast,
Eats up all the mossy corn.
Since I have lost my blooming rose, 
I’m ready to start again
Runnin’ with a rough crowd
Early one morning.

This found poem is created from traditional folk songs that cover the subjects of love, grief, and desire.  Melissa Taggart chose lines that started with the letters in the words and kept them in that order, narrowing it down to one line per letter. 


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