Saturday, March 19, 2016

Beast, Peculiar Phone Call, Bad Poetry, Joe Persch

The Strangest Night
By Joe Persch

I woke from a deep sleep
To the sound of the phone
I got up from my bed
With a loud, angry groan

I grabbed the receiver
Ready to yell
Because I hated to hear
That late night bell

I greeted the caller
My chest was heaving
All I got back
Was low, heavy breathing

It must be a sicko
I thought to myself
So I hung up the phone
And put it back on the shelf

I turned on my heel
And went back to the stair
Then it rang again
It was just so unfair

Once more did I grab
That object of my ire
The blasted old phone
Of it did I tire

I said, “Stop calling!”
And almost hung up
When I heard a low growl
As if from a pup

The growl did continue
And grow more in anger
And as it did I felt
I might be in danger

As I looked at the screen
My face was aghast
The call had come from
A love from the past

It was then that I knew
Something was wrong
She had been cold in the ground
For far too long

As I listened I heard
The long low growl
Turn into something worse,
A high pitched howl

The howl was one
Of pain and of rage
I stood still in fear
And unable to gauge

What would come next
As I shook in cold fear
The door burst open
The creature was near

I closed my eyes
My breathing did slow
I knew it was my time
I was not ready to go

In floated a figure
I knew from my dreams
Cloaked all in black
Followed by screams

The sound was a torture
As I knew the voice
It was hers, I was sure
I could not rejoice

Then she came in
The sound, it died down
Her face, it was pained
Her mouth was a frown

She reached for me slowly, 
Instinct kicked in
I stumbled back and fell
Then she started to grin

She laughed loud and long
Her voice full of mirth
I looked confused
As I sat on the earth

She looked down with a smile
And offered her hand
This time I took it
And she helped me to stand

“It’s definitely your time,”
She said with a wink,
“But I wanted to find out
What you would think”

“If I played one last prank
Before you moved on”
I let my head drop
My fear was all gone

I started to laugh
This was her way
She took my arm in hers
She’d not lead me astray

We walked through the door
The cloaked figure behind
We were together again

Now…and for all time.


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