Saturday, March 19, 2016

Create A Creature, Katy Comber

An excerpt from the Dictionary of Criminal Creatures from the Observations of Metabiologist Art Keycomb

Parasiticalli      -P-     Politicrump


she twirls pirouettes in the sun’s bright rays 
among the mourning and shades of gray
golden hues are all she wears 
she claims a blindness to any fears 
she dines on heads of the dandelion, 
and caramelized verses sweet of Byron  
she is The Parasiticalli 


she navigates the world to requisition 
designs by others’ labor and cognition 
she takes these babes from composers’ breasts
and tattooes her pen on their flushed chests
she dines on the ashes of a stolen flame 
perpetually starving for more to claim
she is the Plagiarismystic  

meandering in shadows cast by resplendence,
he’s armored in scales of dark transcendence
his eyes, ablaze forever confounding, 
notice only flaws in his surroundings 
his diet strict of olive pits 
curdled milk, and satiric wits
he is The Passerbeing


bellowing rhetoric for applause, 
he stands behind curtains of emerald gauze
he leads his people as a shoe leads a pebble
his only leader is heaven’s fallen rebel 
he dines on the hearts of fresh-born youth 
and the brains of those who desire truth
he is The Politicrump


cowering in a tower near,
he is muted, his voice unclear
balladry and harmony grasp his tongue
but fear renders art unsung
he dines on pages of dictionaries worn
and thoughts of pure, unmasked scorn
he is The Perfectionistcary

An excerpt from How to Use the Dictionary of Criminal Creatures from the Observations of Metabiologist  Art Keycomb, A Guide: “Warning: Utilizing this dictionary may cause the reader to make false associations with humans who may display some or all of these characterizations. These creatures live in the universe of fiction. All familiarities are a coincidence in diction. These creatures are breath or breathless with the swipe of the pen; thus, less dangerous than real beasts walking in the guise of men.” (Keycomb, 2)


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