Saturday, March 19, 2016

Meet Cute Gone Awry, Melissa Taggart

The Coffee Shop (a country song)
By Melissa Taggart 

I walked to the coffee shop on just another day
The world was lookin' up, everything going my way
When I saw a handsome man peering over his cup.
I know we both were thinkin', "Ain't we in luck?"

Makin' love in a coffee shop
When I saw you there my heart nearly stopped
How could we 
Ever know that your cappuccino
Would end up all over my lap?

Well, I ordered my drink and made a subtle eye
At the man and his drink - he wasn't all that shy.
I sat myself down by him with grace and ease
But then I felt that warm feeling creeping down my knees.
Because we're (REFRAIN)

He jumped up all frazzled, not knowing what to do
As I screamed in surprise and pain, with coffee in my shoe.
He scrambled with some napkins, and wiped 'em on my legs.
"Haven't been touched like this a while," I thought in my head.
No thing like (REFRAIN)

The crowd around us grew and grew as I tried to hide in shame
That handsome man, he backed away - no one else to blame.
Well, I took a breath and thought, "Oh, what the heck!"
I kissed that man right on the lips as he tried to pay my check.
That's how it is (REFRAIN)


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