Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shadow, Melissa Taggart

Who Am I?
by Melissa Taggart

Who Am I?

Yesterday you held my hand as we walked to mom's car
We ate lunch together, you even gave me your candy bar.
What fun we had running through the snow
You laughed and cried with me
When momma said we had to go.
She tucked us in to sleep at night
You turned to me and smiled
With the love that only comes
From an innocent child.

Then, the morning came, out of the room you ran.
You left this soul behind, I don't quite understand.
I wait, and wait, but you never call my name.
And now I know you wo't be back for me again.

The hardest goodbye is said to those
We love with all our hears
I pray you find a sweeter friend
For I now know we must part.
Yesterday I was your closest friend, I know

Today I'm nothing more than a shadow.


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